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We are pleased to announce that Titan Worldwide Inc. has signed a partnership agreement with a US based green fuel technology company named BTE Inc. to develop and manufacture green fuel production equipment. Over the past number of years BTE Inc. researching a process that converts organic material into a green replacement for standard diesel fuel. This process is very unique as there is no additional refining or equipment modifications required to use the fuel produced, the biofuel diesel replacement generated can delivered directly to any standard home heating oil furnace, diesel generator, diesel engine or any other piece of equipment using traditional fossil derived diesel fuel with up to 85% less emissions. The organic material, or bio-mass, can be acquired from many different source including bark, saw dust, slash, paper, cardboard or crop harvesting waste, none of which competes with food crops.

Titan Worldwide Inc is currently in the process of developing and manufacturing the first constant production piece of equipment for diesel fuel replacement based on this process researched by BTE Inc. Once the first piece of equipment is online we will be moving forward with the next step in the process which is the development of Bio-Crude manufacturing plants, these plants use a higher quality bio-mass and produce a replacement for traditional fossil derived crude, this bio-crude can be refined into a zero emission diesel and gasoline replacement. As with traditional crude, our bio-crude can also be processed into other products such as adhesives, resins, polymers and co-polymers to name a few.

Titan Worldwide Inc. feels fortunate to have been able to secure this partnership as it ensures that all the equipment design and manufacturing is not only done in Canada but right here in Thunder Bay. This includes the small stand alone diesel replacement units’ right up to the proposed 100,000 barrel per day Bio-Crude processing plants. With our sister company, Thunder Bay Hydraulics Ltd, being involved in the Thunder Bay Oil Sands Consortium as well as other organizations such as the Thunder Bay Chamber of commerce, we realize the importance of doing our part to revitalize the local manufacturing sector that has been all but destroyed by the loss of the majority of our sawmill and pulp & paper industry. Therefore, as part of this partnership agreement, Titan Worldwide Inc. has negotiated and secured not only the manufacturing rights but also a block of shares on behalf of potential Canadian investors in order for them to have access to an opportunity would have otherwise only been accessible by large US and overseas investors.

Wood-based Bio Fuels

Up until now BTE Inc has only offered blocks of 10,000 shares at $4.00 US / share to large US investors and companies. Titan Worldwide Inc has secured 10,000 blocks of 250 shares each for sale to local and regional investors, an investment of only $1000 US per block.

This is a onetime offering by BTE Inc and will only be allowed to go through if we are able to secure the purchase of at least 20% of the allotment. This is a huge opportunity for the community, and the region, to get in on the ground floor of a project that will change the face of manufacturing in Thunder Bay for decades to come. This offing would be most beneficial to manufacturers and industrial suppliers, such As Titan Worldwide Inc., as it offers an opportunity to be an owner of, as well as a supplier to, a company that has a product and equipment that already has worldwide demand.

All investments will be held "In Trust" locally by TD Canada Trust until the investment threshold is met, should it not be achieved all funds will be returned in their entirety. Once the threshold is achieved the investment will be dispersed, we have guaranteed that the majority of the investment stays in the region by negotiating a 25% - 75% split with BTE Inc. 25% of the investment will go to BTE Inc. for new product research and 75% will go to equipment production, production that will be done in Thunder Bay. I have attached the basic product information package and there are CD’s available with more information if required.

I have spent the last three months in negations with BTE Inc. to have this special share offering put in place. I have spoken of the commitment of the province, the region, the city, and local business to rebuild our manufacturing sector. I spoke very highly of our skilled manufacturing labour force and of the capacity that we have to be able to handle projects of the sizes proposed. Now is the time to prove this commitment, we need the support of individuals and businesses alike in order to meet the investment threshold and insure that Thunder Bay, and Canada, play a major role in what would otherwise be strictly a Made in the USA solution.


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