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TimRick Radio Remote Tag Slashers

TimRick Remote Slasher


This self contained, portable unit comes with a John Deere 150 hp engine, and excellent fuel economy.

  • 2 gallons of fuel per hour at working rpm
  • 85 gallon fuel tank
  • 20 cord per hour production / 8 ft poplar
timrick engine

timrick panel box

Panel box is easily accessible and sealed for all weather conditions.  All slasher functions are actuated from the panel box, both by remote while working and manually for maintenance purposes.  Murphy switch gauges / oil pressure / water temperature
Low-level hydraulic oil and engine shut down safety system

Radio remote with 14 functions

  • Engine can shut off, idle up or down by remotes
  • Remotes have been tried and tested with underground mining operations
  • Remotes are wired direct to power system, no batteries required

  • Hydraulic oil cooler, thermostat controlled
  • Has auto start up or shut down as required with electric fans
  • Hand pump to filter any added oil to hydraulic system

timrick oil cooler

timrick rugged design

Rugged structural design

  • Frame manufactured from 6" x 6" x 3/8" tubing, bunks are 4" x 4" x 3/8" tubing
  • Cylinders are 4" id with 3/8" wall barrel and 2 1/2" chrome shaft

Hydraulic valves are well guarded, but easily accessible for service and maintenance.

  • All aeroquip hose and adapters are used, both 4 & 6 wire for hoses
  • The hydraulic componenets are Rexroth
  • Hydraulic suction shut off valves to service pumps

hydraulic valves timrick

timrick part
  • 85 gallon hydraulic oil tank
  • Hydac triple length return filter
  • Designated Rexroth piston pump & motor for saw
  • Rexroth vain pump for butt board and saw arm

  • 60" simonds saw blade
  • Saw arm has motor spool to float back into place
  • Fully guarded and enclosed engine
  • S17 wabasto heater plumbed into hydraulic tank to pre-heat hydraulic oil as well as the engine for cold weather start ups

timrick saw blade



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