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TimRick Mobile Slashers


TimRick custom builds slashers to individual customer requirements. This produces the best slasher on the market for you and your specific needs.

TimRick Mobile Slashers are not only operator friendly with their larger soundsealed cab, but they also have less down time, higher production and sorting capabilities, and greatly reduced fuel consumption.

Reports from owner operators indicate that they have increased their production by a minimum of 10%, decreased their part repair parts requirements and downtime, and saved a minimum of $10,000.00 per year in fuel costs alone. (Fuel savings based on three year old fuel prices!!) We do not claim to have the least expensive unit on the market, but we do claim the highest quality unit on the market, and can calculate your payback time as well as estimate your increase in all future profits. We ask that you take into consideration all the aspects of the TimRick Slasher when comparing to other units.


R & D for Vacuum System

This is being developed as we speak.  We will be implementing a system to reduce oil spills on the forest floor and strive to be as enviromentally friendly as possible. In the event of a hose break spillage the operator can simply flip a switch turning on a vacuum pump in the hydraulic tank that then reduces the amount of oil leaking until the repair is done.  This will be implemented as requested.

Hydraulic Bang Board Pin Stops

This is an option that can be purchased with all mobile slashers.  It was designed to stop the butt board at variable lengths due to the extensive wood sorts in some areas.  The lengths can be set from 100" (8.3FT)  to 201" (16.75FT).  They can also be set at 9'6", 10'6", 12'6", or as requested.  This gives you the option of having a preset length for as many as 4 different cut lengths.
They are operated by 2 cylinders per setting which are mounted vertically so they push the stoppers up through the deck and the butt board stops at that desired length.  They are actuated by simple push on the joysticks.

Pilot Controls

TimRick is very flexible in regards to setting up the pilot functions.  The controllers are set as requested by our customers for specific functions on specific joysticks. There is also an option for house swing on joystick or a foot pedal on the cab floor.


Hydraulic Hose & Fittings

All main hydraulic hoses are  4 wire & 6 wire spiral hi pressure hose.  This also includes the return lines.  All pilot lines are #4 & #6 2 wire spiral hose.


Rexroth Hydrostatic Drive

 We currently utilize a variable displacement drive motor for high & low speeds.  There is no need to get out of the operator seat to shift, the unit automatically shifts down to low if the going gets tough, be it a mud hole, or going up a hill. This also provides much greater control going downhill.  Top speed is 9-10 mph.

The motor is coupled to a 4.25 to 1 planetary gear box with spring applied, oil release, park brake.  The variable speed displacement motor has a built in counter balance brake valve which acts as a brake when going down hill and works on the same principal as a jake brake on a truck.


John Deer 1400 Series Diff

The John Deere 1400 series differential also has a brake built internally which is  foot pedal actuated from the operators cabs.

The John Deere diff has a hydraulic actuated differential lock, which can be actuated from the cab when the operator requires both tires driving in heavy pulling applications and can be de-energized by the diff lock for a tighter turning radius.


Hydraulic Cylinders

All the cylinders on the slasher, loader & carrier, come with high pressure seals (5000 psi), and with wider wear bands, commonly known as "Cat Style".


Hydraulic System

The hydraulic system is load sense, pressure compensated.  It was engineered and designed specifically for this application by Bosch Rexroth & TimRick.  This ensures a hydraulic system second to none, here are some of the benefits.

  • maximum efficiency & production
  • longer life for pumps, motors & valves
  • lower fuel consumption, 3-4 gallons per hr working
  • eliminates heating problems in summer weather

The loader and carrier pump & valves are rated for 6000 psi working pressure although the system only requires 2700 psi max.  The drive & saw pumps, motors and valves are rated for 6000 psi, this system requires 5000 psi max.  All hydraulic components are of the best quality that money can buy.

TimRick supplies a complete hydraulic schematics drawn by Rexroth, and also a complete parts break down for all the hydraulic components.  Hydraulic components are stocked in Swan River at TimRick, a complete system is stocked by Basic Technologies in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan and also Welland, Ontario.  They are very accessible as required.


Oil & Fuel Systems

We install a wabasto heater on all our machines which preheats the hydraulic oil and the engine in cold weather.  It's a diesel heater that is plumbed directly to the fuel tank, a low spark forestry application which is very safe and much better for insurance than the propane heaters that are sometimes used.  By not starting your machines cold, you add life to your hydraulic components, and your cab will be warm for the operator also.  The slasher oil capacity is 135 gallons.  The fuel capacity is 130 gallons.


Slasher Swivel

The main 21 port swivel which allows you to have the continuous rotation house has been redesigned with a 6000 psi rating.  The oldest one working in the field now is 8500 hours \ 2 years old, and doesn't even have a drip!  There are no signs of leakage.


Slasher Boom

The booms are welded and line bored, with very tight tolerances for maximum pin & bushing life.





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