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Hypro Filtration

Hypro Filtration, largest manufacturer of dualglass absolute elements, Hypro is the first element company to perform DFE testing (the release of particles from a filter element under demanding variable flow and vibration conditions). All Hypro elements meet ISO standards, for your demanding applications.

Laboratory and field tests prove time and again that Hy-Pro filters consistently deliver lower ISO fluid cleanliness codes.

Improving fluid cleanlieness means reduced downtime, more reliable equipment, longer fluid life, fewer maintenance hours, and reduces costly compontent replacement or repair expenses.

If you would like to place an order, or require technical help with your filtration needs, please contact us now via our enquiry form or call 1-807-474-5337 and we will be happy to help you.


Filter Assemblies
High Pressure, Return, Off-line, and Spin-on applications.


Filter Elements
Hy-Pro G6 Dualglass upgrade replacement elements cover the global spectrum of filter OEMs.


Hy-Dry Breathers
Removes water and particulate contamination as from the air that systems breathe.


Transmission Kits
Hy-Pro transmission kits are a direct replacement for the Allison World Transmission kit.


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