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Car Parking Systems

CarParX ® ST-2 and ST-2C

Subterranean Vehicle Parking and Storage Systems

Exclusively Manufactured for Harding Steel Inc. Denver, CO



  • 100% premium steel construction
  • Commercial grade design and materials
  • Dual scissors architecture for unsurpassed stability
  • Four high capacity hydraulic cylinders
  • Self-standing, self-supporting unit
  • Suitable for indoor or outdoor installation
  • 220V high flow hydraulic power pack and controls
  • Oversized all diamond-plate steel platforms
  • Accommodates full size SUVs on both levels
  • Available in three models (Sedan, Extra, SUV)
  • Quality enamel paint finish throughout
  • Platforms are free of all trip hazards, pit gaps, or protruding columns
  • Key-operated control switch for security and safety
  • Hydraulic velocity fuses on all cylinders
  • Automatic shut-off if operator releases the key-switch
  • Wiring block for integrating safety interlock devices
  • Front railing protects garage walls and bumpers
  • Optional sensor and interlock kit available


  • Upper platform: 234L x 102W
  • Lower platform: 228L x 94W (will fit a 2005 Chevy Suburban)
  • Interplatform clearance (clear space between platforms):
  • Sedan: 66
  • Extra: 72
  • SUV: 78
  • Minimum pit depth (finished floor to finished floor)
  • Sedan: 84
  • Extra: 90
  • SUV 96
  • Ceiling clearance requirements (to raise unit with upper car in place)
  • Sedan: 73 plus height of upper car
  • Extra: 79 plus height of upper car
  • SUV: 85 plus height of upper car
  • Drive-in clearance (between rear posts): 88
  • Weight Capacities:
  • Lower car: 7000 lbs.
  • Upper car: 7000 lbs
  • Approximate machine weight: 8000 lbs.
  • Electrical Power Requirement: 220V, single-phase, 30 amp circuit
  • Shipping and Installation:
  • Shipped by common carrier to most locations in US and
  • Installed by factory technicians
  • One year electrical, two year mechanical, five year

*All specifications are subject to change and must be reviewed for every installation

For orders and questions:

call us toll-free: 1-866-244-9862


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